Grass Raised Chickens, Turkeys and Eggs - Free Range Forested Hogs

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Mobile pasture pen daily move

Christian holding a Red Star egg laying chicken

Marisa picking eggs

Whitehurst Farms uses rotational grazing and organic practices to raise chickens, eggs, turkeys and hogs in way that mimics animals natural patterns in nature. Our poultry flocks are raised on grass, migrated continually through fresh pasture and supplemented with fresh milled Non-GMO or organic feeds depending on the age and species. Our hogs are raised in oak/pecan woodland areas where they are free to exhibit their natural instincts and supplemented with fresh milled feed. We believe in complete transparency in our artisan methods and how we care for our animals.

6 week old broiler chicken foraging through grass

Pastured broiler chickens

Our broilers spend 2-3 weeks in a brooder and are then transferred onto pasture where they reside in moveable protective pasture shelters. The birds are moved to fresh grass daily which provides them with fresh forage, insects and clean ground.  We currently raise Cornish Cross or Moyers slow grow broilers. After processing at 8-11 weeks of age our chickens deliver a wonderfully flavored and whole packaged weight of 3.5-5 pounds per bird. Individual cuts are also available.


Hy-Line brown egg layers foraging through fresh grass. Pasture house in background.

Pastured egg laying PULLETS & hens

Our pullets and hens free range on large sections of pasture and are moved to new pasture sections every 7-10 days. Our egg freshness, taste, fullness and color are unmatched by store bought or commercially produced eggs. Moving with them are their pasture houses which provide protection from weather, predators and contain their laying nest boxes. We currently raise HyLine brown pullets and layers.


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